Sunday, April 6, 2008


Writings is an interest that most people love. All you need is some interests and love in it. I enjoy writing my thoughts as they come to me. I write poetry and some thoughts that come in mind. But this also depend on what topics that comes by. Maybe about life around us or happenings each day. Although I am not that really good in writing but I am learning each time because I feel that we should express our own world in writings in order we will have a life journal where it will be pass on to let our new generation to know more about us. This is something to note down for them. And I always believe writing is a journey of life. No one other than your own self can stop what you want to write. Its all in you and your innermost thoughts should be written out to make it on words so that it will be share with those around you. And this life belong to you and you should know well about you life than any other people should know.

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