Friday, April 18, 2008

Journal Writing Ideas

Journal writing is a good way to understand, to gain more knowledge and improving oneself. Many people around the world are using journaling to write of their life and things happening each day. Sometime people just have a lot of writing ideas but the fear of writing it out was always inside them. And this is a problem that occurs in our mind. I believe if you could overcome this fear by just starting to write whatever that come in your mind, in no time you will find the frequency to write to be more advancing to yourself. Maybe through some practising or finding more knowledge in this subject (this you can widely find in the web) will guide you better. Nothing is impossible, right?
The ideas or topics are different individually, and depend on yourself on what topic that suited you the most. Don’t write topic that you are not interested. Just like as though someone is forcing you doing thing you dislike, how would you feel?
You can create a journal about people you regularly meet. Maybe about the importance in that conversation or happenings that she/he had gone through. Or maybe some ideas of how successful some of your friends or neighbours have become. Any topics that come in mind, I think that helps a lot.
You can also write about your health and how to improve it. Maybe what health food you should take or maybe you would like to join a gym centre. There are just so much to write about and the ideas just popping out, right?

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Jenaisle said...

You're right, we should keep a daily journal if we want to generate ideas later for a story or other writings.

Thanks for sharing.

Jim Swindle said...

I write things on pieces of paper and put them in my pockets. (Since I'm a man, my clothes have plenty of pockets.) Then, if I think something is worth keeping, I type it into the computer...either to my blog (if I think I'll want to share it with others) or to Google Docs. I have a lot of unripe poems in the blog drafts. Sometimes I can finish one, by God's grace. Then I post it.